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New Where the Hell is Matt Internet Video

   Written by Deep In the Jungle Staff

www.wherethehellismatt.com has released a new viral web video, featuring Matt's own mix of Sweet Lullaby. The video showcases Matt's famous spastic dancing from dozens of countries he visited while backpacking around the world. Matt listened to hundreds of songs for the new video, but only Sweet Lullaby really fit. Wanting the sound to be unique Matt licensed the song from Deep Forest and commissioned Gary Schyman to compose a remix. The new version features a prominent guitar with an alternative rock vibe, almost U2ish.

Matt Harding started out as a video game programmer in Australia. When he had saved enough money he quit his job so that he could go on a world journey. While on his travels he asked others to record him dance a few uncoordinated steps, which was inspired by the 94' Sweet Lullaby music video of a little girl riding her tricycle past iconic scenes from around the world. When Matt got home he cut and pasted all the clips together and used Sweet Lullaby (Nature's Dancing 7" Mix) for the music.

Matt's 15 minutes of fame began in early 2005 when the video's wild popularity got it featured on television shows such as The Screen Savers, MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Inside Edition, The Ellen Degeneres Show and Good Morning America.

Dancing 2006
Dancing 2006
Dancing 2005
Dancing 2005

Information obtained from www.wherethehellismatt.com and Wikipedia

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