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Revised Deep India Cover 10.18.13 - A new version of Eric Mouquet & Rahul Sharma's Deep India is now available with revised album art. There's no change to the tracklist and the CD version is still only available in India.

Thanks to Jean-Bernard Emond & Anoop
09.11.13 - Wes Madiko recently visted Michel Sanchez at his studio. Deep Forest fans will be excited to hear that the two have been working really hard on a new single, which they hope will rival the success of their hit Alane! The song is Wes & Michel's first new project in over 15 years.

Wes was one of Deep Forest's early stars, giving his voice to a string of songs like Miguele Song, Ketewi, Nemene and the Comparsa album. In 96' Michel & Wes released Welenga which featured Alane.

Michel Sanchez & Wes Madiko (2013)

Thanks to Bernard for the photo
08.21.13 - Check out the new music video for the song Wasis off of Deep Africa (from Deep Forest's Eric Mouquet), produced by Big3 Records. The video features a collage of scenery, people and wildlife from the African continent, shown through various colored filters.

Thanks to Reeve for the news
07.29.13 - Eric Mouquet appeared on Power of Electronic Music (POEM) to talk about Deep Forest, the composition process and a little about his future project, Deep Electro. Listen here.

Thanks to Anoop for this find
07.12.13 - Listen to the entire Deep Africa album, along with bonus tracks Mawa and Soweto, over at MSN's Listening Booth as well as on Soundcloud.
07.02.13 - With a week left until the US release of Deep Africa, Amazon has posted the full 17 song tracklist, with samples of Mawa and Soweto.

In the meantime Wasis can now be downloaded for free from RollingStone.

Thanks to Eric Mouquet for the news of Wasis
06.23.13 - Wes Madiko's brother Dany de Mouataba visited Eric Mouquet's studio for the weekend to record a couple songs for a yet unannounced future project. Dany's vocals can be heard in Amber Opening, Zoulawa and Wasis (opening chant) on Deep Africa as well as in Mawa from the upcoming US edition of the album.

Blick Bassy & Alune will visit Eric's studio later this week on the 26th. Their visit is to help showcase the new album. Video from the session will be made available by Big3 Records in July.

Thanks to Eric Mouquet for the news

06.14.13 - The US edition of Deep Africa will include three exclusive tracks, Mawa, Soweto (featuring Zama Magudulela & Blick Bassy) and Dub Africa (Gaudi remix). There are also plans for a US Deep Africa tour, details to be announced soon. [Big3 Records Press Release]

Thanks to Big3 Records for the news

06.10.13 - The US edtion of Deep Africa will be available July 11th, check out the new jump site. No word yet on the US tracklist, but the European edition is now availble across the EU.

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07.12.13 - DEEP AFRICA - Eric Mouquet's long awaited African-themed album is out. It's the third release in the Deep Projects series, following Deep Brasil and Deep India, which also came out earlier this year.......[more]
06.01.08 - WON'T BE LONG EARTHQUAKE RELEIF - Eric Mouquet and Chinese folk singer Sa Dingding have composed a song dedicated to the victims of the recent earthquake in China, but still need help from fans for lyrics.......[more]

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10.03.13 - Gallery, Forum, Lyrics & Discography - The gallery section has been completely redone with many many new photos. There is now the option to rate and comment on all photos, as well as an option for anyone to upload their DF related photos. We are looking for people to add scans (300dpi) of their regional Deep Forest releases (CDs, cassettes, vinyls etc).

Made a few forum modifications, such as ability to like posts (feature available to registered users). Guest posting is allowed again, as long as spam doesn't get out of control. Revamped the lyrics section and added a number of new song lyrics. Always adding more discography entries.

05.17.13 - Forum & Discography - The site is back online, we lost and are now located at We have upgraded the forum and made many additons to the discography sections. More site updates to come...

07.04.06 - Interview, Discography & Downloads - We've added another old interview with Deep Forest concerning Comparsa. Also check out an interview about the production of Pacifique (thanks to Florian Seka for translating both), and all our other interviews on the press center page.

There is now a new simplified discography page with all of Deep Forest's releases. Finally thanks to Fábio Augusto for sending us his remix of Forest Power, now available on our downloads page.

06.05.05 - Live Performances - Just added a dozen and a half photos of a performance Deep Forest made in 95' with Youssou N'Dour. The photos come from the Japanese DVD of Youssou's concert, and is the first live performance by Deep Forest we know of. We would like to sincerely thank Daisuke for helping us obtain these photos.

In addition to the new Deep Forest concert photos we also have six new photos of Wes performing Keli Maye in a television appearance. It's not clear when this performance occurred, but is most likely sometime soon after the 2000 release of Sinami. We thank Alejo for once again providing us, and you, with more photos. You can check all these photos out in the Concerts section.

05.10.05 - Audio Samples & Interview - We have completed the monumental task of resampling every Deep Forest and Deep Forest related song on this site. Because we were unhappy with the short poor quality music clips, each sample is now 60seconds long at 56kbps VBR and in stereo.

I also wanted to make note of a interview from 1999 that we added not too long ago. In the interview Deep Forest discuss Made In Japan.

For those of your who are registered members on the forum, you may have also noticed that email notification is now working again.

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Spiritual Orphans Digital CoverSPIRITUAL ORPHANS
08.01.13 - Deep Forest (Eric Mouquet) remix of Spiritual Orphans from Gaudi. Listen to Sample

Deep Africa Front CoverDEEP AFRICA
06.03.13 - Eric Mouquet's long awaited African-themed Deep album. Listen to Sample

Dub Africa Circle Front CoverDUB AFRICA
05.03.13 - Deep Africa single with remixes by Housemeister & Gaudi. Listen to Sample

Deep India Front CoverDEEP INDIA
02.04.13 - First followup to Eric's Deep Brasil, feat. Rahual Sharma. Listen to Sample

Viva Madikeri Front CoverVIVA MADIKERI
01.08.13 - Deep India digital single by Eric & Rahual Sharma. Listen to Sample
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